Squaw Valley Statement

On Wednesday, November 30, 2016, Liesl Kenney, the Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows released a statement in regards to the upper mountain air quality. Lisel started her statement by saying that her statement was in regards only to the water quality of Squaw Valley’s upper mountain.

Lisel stated that in the previous month, several water systems in Placer County were unusually affected by heavy rainfall. This weather abnormality caused an overflow of a water system that had been upgraded and installed just that summer. This caused a contamination of the system at High Camp and Gold Coast on Wikipedia. That particular system was the only one that was affected by the events. Luckily, none of the water that was contaminated was at any point available to the public.

Lisel then stated that this contamination was detected during routine testing after which Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were immediately contacted. Additionally, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadow took immediate action to consult with other leading experts on water safety. Following the consultation, they took steps to resolve the contamination and plan to continue working down this path until the matter is resolved. They do not plan on resuming their normal water consumption at Gold Coast and High Camp until the time that water experts and health officials assure them that it is safe to do so.

She stated that like all health issues, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadow took this issue very seriously. While the contamination of the water continues to be a problem, the guests at Gold Coast and High Camp will have full, normal access to the facilities, as well as free bottled water. They plan on letting the guests know as soon as the contamination has been resolved. See: https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USCA1090:1:US

Brian Bonar: The Guru of Financial Investment and Business Management

Brian Bonar is one of the leading entrepreneurs and financial advisors of today’s world. He is very much adept in giving financial advice like mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing, capital ventures, sales, equity. During his long, bright career he has been able to raise a strong empire in the fields of finance and business.

According to Spokeo, Brian Bonar received his undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde.  Bonar also has an MBA Degree from the same University. He is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer oF Trucept Inc. from March 12, 2010. From 2008 to the present he is also serving as the President of Tradeshow Products Inc.

It was in 1969 that he began his career with IBM as a procurement manager. After earning vast experiences of about 18 years in Europe, USA and Asia, he joined QMS as an engineer. As an engineer, Bonar took the responsibility of heading a team of engineers in the field of 100 software and hardware development.

In 1994, Bonar founded his company known as Beizers Systems. He was able to successfully produce the first printer with the help of SCSI technology. In September 2007, he founded the AMS Outsourcing which is a PEO responsible for the transport of the marketplace.

Through AMS, he was able to gain an international influence in Czech Republic and Mexico. From March 2008 to December 2010, he also served as the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc.

Bonar has been in connection with the Dalrada Financial Corporation since 1994. In 2010 he became the Chief Executive Officer of the Solvis Groups of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. In 1994, Bonar acted as the Executive Vice President OF the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

The Dalrada Company acts as a Marketing Liaison and supplies all the clients with an extensive variety of programs aimed at increasing the efficiency of business. The services provided by the Company include benefits to employees, management of finance, business management.

Bonar is also the present Chairman and Secretary of the Warning Management Services Inc. Since 1999 he has been acting as the Chairman of the Board as well as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer of the Amanda Company Inc.

In June 2010, Bonar was named as the Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance.  Bonar was also the key entrepreneur behind the huge success of the Bellamy’s Bistro on Grand, San Diego.

Nathaniel Ru Co-founder Sweetgreen Company

Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder of Sweetgreen firm founded in the year 2007. Together with his co-founders Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet graduated with Bachelor in Finance from Georgetown University. Sweetgreen Company is a casual restaurant in America which serves simple seasonal, nutritious food. Surprisingly, just after three months of their graduation Nathaniel together with his co-founders kicked off the construction of the company. Sweetgreen was first located at the Georgetown though the company is currently available in more than 27 locations in 6 states with an arrangement of expansion. Moreover, the Sweetgreen firm currently holds more than 1700 employee making sure that all customers are served appropriately.


However, the Sweetgreen idea also came from their passion and certainty that the public is always in need of healthy, delicious and economical dining preference. Sweetgreen Company employs a mobile application (Technology) which eases food selection for the customers.


Additionally, Sweetgreen firm involves other initiatives such as Philanthropy music events (sweetlife festivals). Sweetlife Festival is a combination of food and music festival which commemorate presence of delicious food along with music in the community. The festive functions endorse the passion and purpose of the Sweetgreen firm sustainability and transparent values to the community. The festival invites people from all walks of life involving local and international chefs and performances in a lineup of talented artists.


In the foodstuff industry, Sweetgreen current emerges to be the future diet leading company due to its transparent meals efforts. To begin with, Sweetgreen stores are feed with sources from farmers who use organic materials and incorporate conventional methods in their plantations. Poultry and beef supplies are usually antibiotic free since the animals are fed with vegetable diets with no byproducts mixed up. Sweetgreen cheese is also produced organically free from RBGH and antibiotic as well. Also, the firm usually prefers meals with simple recipes with additional natural flavors such as honey to add sweetness to the food.


Nathaniel Ru together with his Sweetgreen firm co-founders are on a mission to create the greatest fast food model. Collaboration with Chef Dan Barber create a good image to the customer encouraging them on how to make use of plant parts usually regarded as waste. Moreover, a cookbook author Mark Bittman worked with Sweetgreen in the production of the VB6 meal usually consumed during morning hours responsible for weight loss and health restoration. Finally, Sweetgreen collaboration with other food institutions is a clear evidence of their success.



Refinancing Your Car With Ignition Financial Is The Smart Choice

Buying a new car is fun. When shopping for a car there are so many things to consider such as what make and model to choose and deciding what options you want on the car. The car buying process can also be long and confusing with all of the decisions that a customer needs to make. The issue of financing is often overlooked in the car buying process. The dealer is happy to set you up with easy financing. So you make the deal and drive away with you new car and your new monthly car payment.


When you consider the price that you paid for your car plus the interest on the loan, the effects of the financial commitment that you made may finally sink in. After the initial excitement of buying a new car wears off, you may find yourself struggling to come up with the money to make your monthly payment. You may find yourself asking: How can I slash my payments? The answer to your Question is a simple one: Refinance your car at a better interest rate with Ignition Financial.


When you bought your new car from the dealer, you were probably happy that he offered to arrange for the financing and make things easy for you. But what you didn’t know was why the dealer was so anxious to arrange your car loan. The dealer is happy to help you get a car loan because he makes a lot of money doing it. The dealer has an arrangement with the banks that lets him add extra interest on your car loan and pocket the money. You are paying the dealer a lot more than you realize for your car because of this hidden cost. The dealer leads you to believe that you are getting the best interest rate available to you. This clearly is not the case. If you are in this situation, refinancing your car is the best option.


Refinancing your car is a good decision for several reasons. First, you will be dealing directly with the lender when you refinance your car. This allows you to cut out any middle-men, such as the dealer, and get a lower interest rate. This lower interest rate will immediately lower your monthly car payments.