Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is one of the more innovative entrepreneurs in Switzerland. He co founded the firm known as Swiss Startup Factory which helps provide mentorship and funding for new businesses. With this company, Baur has been able to help make positive contributions to the economy of Switzerland. As well as being an entrepreneur, Mike has also established himself as a successful investors. For a number of years, he invested money in various startup companies. This allowed him to gain valuable experience in dealing with new emerging companies. At the very beginning of his career, Mike worked at various banking firms where he would provide advice and financing services to a number of entrepreneurs. All of his experiences have centered around helping young businesses get in position to reach their full potential.


Baur got experience working with startup companies when he began working in the banking industry. When he was working for various banks, he would often talk to business owners who were looking for funding. He would evaluate their situation and look to provide them with loans in order to help them startup or expand. As well as offering loans to finance their activities, Mike would also give them advice on how to best manage their debt and assess their potential profitability. Baur would do this for two decades and has therefore gained a considerable amount of experience working with startup businesses.


After two decades working in the banking sector, Baur would begin investing his money in startup businesses. When he was working in the banking industry he noticed that many of these businesses have potential to earn lots of money and be very successful. As a result, he looked to invest in these companies so that he can capitalize on the potential of these companies. Fortunately for Mike, he was able to make a considerable amount of money investing in startups. This experience also gave him even more knowledge on how these businesses operate as well as how much money they can generate. Investing in startups inspired Mike to begin developing his own business.


When he stopped investing in startups, Mike co founded his own company known as Swiss Startup Factory. The company operates by evaluating and selecting businesses that have the most potential for success. Mike will hold events on a regular basis where entrepreneurs will pitch their business idea and wait for a decision. Once chosen, the entrepreneurs will then be able to receive coaching and mentoring from Mike and his staff. This will allow these entrepreneurs to get the assistance they need to make their businesses successful.

Marc Sparks’ Timber Creek Capital Moves To New Offices

Marc Sparks moves Timber Creek Capital, LP to new offices. The move is set to help the company optimize collaboration and provide the ideal environment for startup incubation.

Timber Creek has been operating in the former premises for the last 14 years. Marc is a serial entrepreneur. He founded the private equity firm 14 years ago. He uses it to help entrepreneurs convert their startups into revenue generating companies.

Marc knows that starting a business is demanding. One of the fundamental problems that entrepreneurs experience is inadequate funds to develop their businesses. Inadequate funding means that companies cannot be able to move into the revenue-generating phase. The money is usually needed to fund activities such as rent of premises, bills, and pay employees.

Timber Creek is working towards finding solutions to this problem. Timber Creek Capital’s premise has been carefully designed to ensure that the premises can host up to three startups. During the extensive incubation period, the company provides its startups with all the resources that they need.

According to Marc, the environment is very critical in determining the success of a given business. A conducive and collaborative environment contributes more than 25 percent of a company’s success. Although providing the right environment to a business may be challenging and expensive, Sparks advises entrepreneurs to get good premises that will not ruin their business’ finances. He does not believe in cutting corners.

For Marc, starting new companies is the norm of the day. Over the years, the entrepreneur has started dozens of companies. From his experience, he has found out that there are special flows within an office that should be maximized to enhance collaboration and output.

These flows have been outlined in his book, They Can’t Eat You. The book also looks into some of his successes and failures. Such experience has seen him found and guide Timber Creek Capital, LP into success. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as explained in this link

Presently, Marc is using his experience, through Timber Creek, to provide guidance and mentorship to startups. He also provides companies with access to critical services such as banking, capital, marketing, and office space.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, author, and a philanthropist. He is the chief executive officer and founder of Timber Creek. In addition, Marc has helped found and fund many startups. This success has helped in broadening his investment portfolio. As a philanthropist, the businessman has been involved in various charitable undertakings through his foundation, Sparkey’s Kids.

Marc has helped to construct affordable housing to needy families. Since 80’s, Marc has put efforts to ensure that The Samaritan Inn operates smoothly.


Creation, Dedication, Innovation: Eric Pulier

Technology is a billion dollar industry by itself. It is also one of the most exciting fields to enter for men and women. Just about every type of device or equipment is some form of technology in it. Technology plays a critical role in society overall whether it’s for entertainment or practical reasons. Though you may not know the person who’s about to be introduced, this guy has used technology to progress man-kind. Eric Pulier is his name and getting things done is his game. Eric Pulier is similar to man on a mission.

Pulier attended Harvard University between the years of 1984-1988. He majored in English/American Literature while being the editor and column writer for the school’s daily newspaper known as “The Harvard Crimson.” Pulier had a jam packed schedule especially when comparing it to other individuals his age, but he always seem to get things done. This guy also took classes at the prestigious MIT and by 1988 he would graduate magna cum laude. California was his next stop and here is where he would begin his professional career. Eric Pulier was finally out of school and he soon went to work by founding a company called “People Doing Things.” This company used technology in the healthcare and education fields to solve intractable problems. This was the inception as Pulier would go on to be a founder of Service Mesh Inc, Digital Evolution, XPRIZE, FLY, Akana Software, U.S Interactive, Desktone Inc, and many more.

This brilliant minded individual sold his last company for a whopping $350 Million. That’s right! Besides his ability as a successful founder, Eric Pulier has been involved in government, education, business, and healthcare. His lasting impression is more of an imprint as he’s stamped out a true means to success.

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Pair of Shootings Harvest Anxiousness in Quincy Residents

Since November 2012, gun related violence has residents of the New Brunswick Apartments in New Jersey growing anxious. A local pizza delivery driver was the first victim, robbed at gunpoint on November 30, 2012.



Then, in October 2015 there was a report of gunfire on the 5th, then another shooting in which one person was wounded and taken to the hospital two days later. While residents rightfully were experiencing stressed emotions over these incidents, law enforcement officials are helping to harvest a little relief as they successfully investigate these crimes working towards a solution.



The Robbery


The first incident in late November 2012 involved a possible hoax to lure the pizza driver into the apartment complex at Building N. As the driver arrived to deliver a pizza, he was told that no one ordered anything. Moments later he was accosted by three male suspects, one jamming a handgun upside his head.



In conjunction with the Middlesex County Prosecutor, Detective Dan Sherman arrested Parysh Wood, a 21-year old man, also known “P Gun”. Investigators used technology to apprehend Woods, implicated using cell phone site records.



A female suspect is also being investigated as the possible caller of the phony pizza orders, which lure drivers to the Quincy Circle area where they are then ambushed. As of January 2017, Wood is still incarcerated pending a $100,000 bond.



Pair of Reported Shootings


Law enforcement had no reported suspects to this incident and also investigated a similar situation a few blocks away on Commercial Avenue. Then, two nights later at the same New Brunswick apartment complex one person was injured and another taken into custody as the result of gunfire.



These incidents paint an ominous picture for residents living in the Quincy Circle area, but in some respects the progress made by law enforcement officials harvests a little ray of hope to counter the anxiousness.



Investigative techniques using modern technology helped police arrest one of these suspects, and analytical tools were used to produce sufficient evidence to arrest a suspect in the October 2015 shooting. With such a vast number of people carrying weapons in this embattled community, residents still need to be vigilant when communicating possible crimes to police.