Oncotarget is a Club for the Mind

So, just where can the aficionado of medical research discover and contribute, if the need and opportunity arises, to a quality resource hub? Well, one answer to that question is Oncotarget. The people who represent that name and their work product have a lot going for them and there is definitely substantive value being built. For a quick connection and glimpse at the current activities going on with this particular project, anyone can checkout Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ or Linkedin. And in the meantime, subscribing to TOC alerts is as simple as submitting an email address. Maximizing the impact and insight of research by way of the peer-review is what these professionals do.

On the tip of the iceberg, there are the members of the editorial board Carlo M Croce and Andrew Schalley who set a very strong and steady standard for contribution. They lead the best way possible, by example. The results yielded from the time spent gathering meticulous information is staggering, when one considers the multitudes of live affected in thousands of cities under the course of a decade. Academic research and development like that takes laser focus and a competent global vision to achieve. Not to mention, when handling research of the medical nature, the details have to be just so correct that years and years of effort are not just dismissed as so much overcooked Christmas Ham.

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For a keener understanding of the quality and structure of research and content drafting Oncotarget accepts, one can take a look at any research paper available to more clearly see what these people do. Take the paper “Atracurium Besylate and other Neuromuscular Blocking Agents Promote Astroglial Differentiation and Deplete Glioblastoma Stem Cells” for example. Of course, after the Abstract, Introduction and Results start the explaining, the numbers and charts fill any blanks that need to be visualized.

This research paper is all very on the level and scientifically sound. It even has sections for discussion, acknowledgements and materials and methods. Which is why most people, sadly, do not have plans to take a look at this particular piece of work material or anything else on its level. However, if one does have such an interest, there is far more food for thought were that comes from. And, it is all complements of Impact Journals LLC. Oncotarget, which is published by Impact Journals

How Technology Has Transformed the Copa Star into One of Brazil’s Leading Hospitals

In 2017, hospitals are always reinventing themselves on a daily basis. That’s the only way they get to keep up to date with all the developments rocking this particular realm. Technology makes it possible for the physician to draw an informed decision and solution faster. The robots facilitate accurate diagnosis in seconds. We have reached a point in time whereby robots and machines are more in charge of the surgical procedures offered by the leading hospitals of our age than the real doctors are. Therefore, as a patient, you stand a remarkably high chance of making a full recovery.

Highly Skilled Staff

As a general rule of thumb, it’s in your best interests to connect with a hospital which possesses the following positive attributes: An experienced and caring staff, practicing licenses, the right equipment and most importantly, affordable but optimal health care services and products. Using the above criteria, the Hospital Copa Star makes for an ideal health partner for individuals expecting to gain from a holistic health management process whereby they get guidance from courteous albeit highly trained medical consultants and specialists. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Accessible Location

The towering structure housing the various core department of the Copa Star Hospital nestled in a city-like setting. Many people have mistakenly mistaken the hospital high rise for a luxury 5-star hotel only to get shocked to discover it is one of Brazil’s finest health care facility. Health and Wellness, Safety, Agility, Efficiency and personalized solutions are some of the key mantras underlying their strategy and planning towards transforming into a world class hospital capable of meeting and surpassing the health needs and wants of the locals and any foreign clientele as well using their state-of-the-art technology

Caring and Passionate Doctors

Take a sneak peak of the impeccably spotless operating rooms on the official website of the hospital. On the site, you’ll find images of the sci-fi looking machines which are supposed to aid the physicians in their cardiac surgeries and neurosurgeons in performing their sensitive techniques and interventions on the patient.

Grand contemporary Designing

These facilities have some of the most relaxing and luxurious waiting lobbies you’ll ever come across. According to the reviews and the testimonials we’ve discovered on the web, the hospital also has state-of-the-art sleeping beds and the catering rival any decent five-star hotel in Sao Paolo. A patient’s immediate environment plays a central role in the recuperation and recovery process. Patients at the Copa Star recover faster owing to the serene and tranquil ambiances which surround them at the premises. Learn more about the affordable rates of the variety of products and services provided by the Copa Star In Brazil by clicking here.

Visit: http://maringa.odiario.com/economia/2017/01/copa-star-o-hospital-5-estrelas-da-rede-dor-sao-luiz/2318044/

Roberto Santiago Continues Success with Blog

Roberto Santiago is the owner of the Manaira Mall. He has worked hard for nearly 30 years to make sure that the mall is operating well and that it has something to offer everyone. Because of the way that he worked hard when the mall started in 1989, he was able to continue the success that he saw during that time. It also allowed him the chance to be able to do more and make more money from the mall that he made sure was always as successful as possible. It is important to note that Santiago worked very hard during that time and that the mall did not just start being successful from the start. It was a long road and something that he had to work at with a lot of different options. He wanted his mall to be able to be the best one possible in Brazile.

There are many things that Roberto Santiago put into the mall that make it much better than all of the other malls in the area. For example, Roberto Santiago worked to make sure that the mall was filled with shops and restaurants. He also found a lot of different bars that he was able to put into the mall and did his best to make sure that they were operating as good as possible. He made sure that they were all among the best things that were present in the malls and that he would be able to enjoy the options that were included in the mall that he created. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

One thing that the mall has that is relatively uncommon in the area that it is in is the huge movie theater. The theater has 11 different theaters that people can visit when they are hoping to catch a movie. It also has three of those set up as 3D theaters so that people are able to watch what they want and when they want. It is great for new releases that are in 3D and that people want to be able to see without having to travel too far to a different area to see them.

Despite the fact that Santiago knows what success looks like with a mall, he wanted to do more things to be able to be as successful as possible. He knew that technology was the way to go and he set up a blog that shared his thoughts about the country and the different things that were going on with the country. He wanted to make sure that people were doing more with the country and seeing everything that they should. The blog that he writes on is successful and showcases everything he loves about Brazil.

Learn more: http://vivamaringa.odiario.com/arteeespetaculos/2017/01/manaira-shopping-de-roberto-santiago-e-referencia-em-diversao-na-capital-da-paraiba/2310433/

George Soros lead ground-up transformation of criminal justice

George Soros has made a name for himself as one of the most successful investors in history. Over 40 years, he’s managed to return upwards of 25 percent to his investors. This legendary performance has earned him an exalted place in the financial world.

But George Soros is also a determined activist who has always fought for what he believes is right. One of his pet causes has been the stark social inequalities which have persisted throughout most of American history. One area in which Soros has sought to make a real change is the criminal justice system. But Soros has taken a different tack than most other criminal justice reform advocates. He has announced his determination to change things from the ground up.

One of the most powerful positions in the U.S. criminal justice system, which most people severely underappreciate, is that of the district attorney or prosecutor. In the United States, prosecutors often hold de facto power to prevent people from going to jail or to send them there. One of the most salient disparities in the criminal justice system is the rate at which minorities are incarcerated. Since the era of Jim Crow, blacks have been sent to jail at rates far surpassing that of whites, even though in some cases they do not commit more crimes.

One explanation for this inequality in sentencing outcomes is the discretion the prosecutors wield over those defendants who are involved in cases which they handle. Most people are aware that prosecutors hold the discretion to decline to charge defendants with a crime, where the prosecutor deemed the alleged crime to be either not serious enough to warrant charges or the evidence insufficient to win a conviction.

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But many people are unaware of the de facto power prosecutors often hold to decide who goes to jail. Although the power of conviction is supposed to be reserved for judges or juries alone, prosecutors, through the power of the plea bargain, can often intimidate defendant into pleading guilty to crimes that ultimately send them to prison. The plea bargain is a tool designed to alleviate the flood of cases which bog down the US criminal justice system. However, in many cases, prosecutors are tempted to use the plea bargain as a bludgeon to rack up high rates of convictions for politically-motivated reasons. Oftentimes those prosecutors are most likely to be elected who have the highest rates of sending their constituents to jail. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Soros recognizes this reality and has set out to elect prosecutors who are social justice minded and who, thus, are less likely to improperly send minority defendants to prison. Soros views this ground up reformation of the criminal justice system as the most expedient means to effect meaningful and lasting change.

Visit cnbc.com to know more about George Soros.

Dr Rick Shinto: An Award Winning Executive Leader and Author

Dr Richard “Rick” Shinto is a man of many passions. Currently, he is the acting president and chief executive officer of InnovaCare Inc, a firm that is devoted to provide Medicare and managed care to their clients in the United States. Since its inception, the firm has efficiently established cost effective models that have helped their clients and at the same time bringing the company so much revenue. The leadership of the company has been greatly attributed to the leaders and especially their CEO Rick Shinto.

Dr Shinto graduated from State University of New York with a degree in medicine and later pursued a master’s degree in business administration from Redlands University. Armed with adequate knowledge in medicine and business he was ready to start off his career. For more than twenty years, Dr Shinto has worked with various organizations in top positions where he has perfected leadership skills and strategies that help organizations to reach the next level in their industries. Some of the organizations he worked with include MedPartners and Aveta Inc as the CEO and president. Learn more about Rick on xrepublic.net

In his career, Dr Shinto has acquired ardent skills and knowledge that have made him spearhead projects and carry the company’s mission and vision to fulfilment. His hard work and ambition have been well received and celebrated. Most recently, he was recognized as the entrepreneur of the year by Ernst and Young. The reward came from his exemplary leadership at Innovacare and his contributions to the company. The University Of Health Sciences Of Western University awarded him the Access to Caring Award.

Rick Shinto uses his career to help the poor and this dedication has been instilled at Innovacare. He encourages his employees to always look at the bigger picture when serving their clients. He believes that through his career he can change the life of a person. For this reason, he has led Innovacare to come up with Medicare and other health policies that help the people to access medical covers that are reliable and also affordable. In regards to his love of humanity he was awarded the Caring Award due to his compassionate nature.

Besides being an award winning leader, Dr Shinto is also a renowned author. He has authored and published various medical and business articles and journals. He uses his medical knowledge and the experiences he has had over the years to author articles that enlighten and educate others pursuing similar interests.

Know more: https://templeofthecave.com/innovacare-health-rick-shinto/

Sam Boraie rushes in, where old men fear to tread

The young vice president of Boraie Development, Sam Boraie, hastily dismisses those who say that investment in downtrodden communities like Newark is foolish. He cites his own company’s impressive track record of taking on projects that no one else would touch in areas that inspired fear and generated a disproportionate number of grisly news stories. But today, Boraie development has established itself as wiser than its critics. Sam Boraie is an executive worth watching, as his company attempts the same magic act in Newark that it pulled off with stunning success in New Brunswick. View Sam Borie’s crunchbase page to learn more.

Everything old is new

Sam Boraie’s latest project involves transforming a derelict malting factory, originally a dazzling example of industrial Art-Deco architecture, into a 23-story, mixed-use residential and retail space. This represents a huge bet on the part of Boraie, who admits that he probably could not have secured traditional financing for such an ambitious project in such a challenging market.

But he hasn’t compromised on the product. The project, dubbed One Riverview, is to be an imposing 23-story residential tower that will retain the Art-Deco facade of the old malting factory. It’s being built in a highly troubled area. But that doesn’t bother Boraie in the least. And he speaks with considerable authority on the subject. In a report by Bloomberg, as vice president of Boraie Development, he’s participated in similar revitalization projects that are largely credited with the comeback of New Brunswick, New Jersey, a town that was once in the same dire condition as Newark.

For the construction of One Riverview, Boraie has teamed up with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neil. O’Neil has also been involved in civic leadership around his home town of Newark and is personally investing in the project. The duo hopes that they can replicate the astounding success other Boraie developments have had throughout New Jersey in bringing neglected urban neighborhoods from the bottom of the trash chute to the penthouse.

One Riverview will also feature over 7,500 square feet of retail space. Boraie says the project will serve to test the waters. If he likes what he sees, he says he would strongly consider bringing in top-end office space to the city as well.

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Securus Spearheads the Use of Technology to Solve Cases and Prevent Crime

Securus is well known for developing technology that helps law enforcers handle or prevent crime. Here is a compilation of comments from satisfied customers. These officers appreciate the fact that Securus does a great job in ensuring inmates, their families and parolees are safe every day. The letters were received from all parts of the United States and were written by incarceration officers whose responsibility is to ensure that the incarceration surroundings were safe.


Rick Smith, the chief executive of Securus technologies, remarked on how the company develops a technology that helps promote prison safety. “This happens every week. This has contributed to receiving many emails on a daily basis concerning what they build,” said Smith. “It is an honor to serve the country in that manner as building safety was a very vital part of the company”.


Some of the selected comments about Securus technologies are as follows. One customer appreciates the help of Securus on the case where the technology helped accumulate evidence against corrupt staff members. This was gathered from phone call information hence a warrant was obtained. The responsible culprit was arrested the next morning for introducing contraband into the prison.


Another comment expressed client satisfaction with the introduction of call monitoring to ensure that inmates don’t deal in contraband when making their daily calls. Threats and suspicious money transfers were also scrutinized thanks to the . In a different case, information on shots being fired as well as a recommendation on selling of drugs was discovered.


Securus vision of helping improve investigations and promote jail security are widely recognized by its clients and quite welcome. According to the client, the investigative tools coupled with their aggressive investigative mindset always yield excellent results.


About Securus


Securus is based in Dallas, Texas and is mandated with serving over 1200000 inmates in 3450 facilities across the US. The company’s commitment lies in serving and providing emergency response, facilitating inmate self-service, providing monitoring tools, public information and biometric analysis among other services needed in prisons.



The Lung Institute Is Creating Powerful Medicines from a Patient’s Own Body

The human body is an amazing thing. People often forget just how complex human biology actually is. Most organs, for example, are protected by a wide variety of different systems. This is usually ideal for protecting fragile organs from a hostile environment. For example, the lungs are protected by the rib cage. Additionally there’s a wide variety of biological systems around and inside the lungs which fight off invading microorganisms and help to repair damage. This is ideal, for the most part. But it also makes it very hard to work with the lungs if they become damaged or otherwise impaired. The same systems which protect the lungs from damage will also hinder the efforts of doctors who are trying to deal with existing damage. One can easily treat a skin problem with topical ointments every day. But one really can’t make someone come in for lung surgery every single day. But until recently doctor’s hands were tied when it came to quite a few issues involving the lungs, reports hawaiinewsnow.com.

What’s changed everything is a discovery by the Lung Institute.com. They came at the problem from a different angle. Instead of assuming they needed to get to the lungs from the outside, they looked into noninvasive methods. And the end result of that search has been extremely encouraging. The main tool is something known as stem cells. Stem cells are a natural part of the human body and can be thought of as cellular bricks. If a brick is knocked out of a building, than another brick of the same type can easily replace it. The same goes with stem cells. When damage occurs to an organ, the nearby stem cells should be able to differentiate into a compatible form for that organ. But sometimes this natural healing process isn’t enough to fully recover from accident or injury.

The Lung Institute’s stem cell therapy involves giving the lungs a little extra help. Stem cells are first extracted from a blood or bone marrow sample. This is prepared into a medicine and injected back into the patient’s body. It’s quickly carried to the lungs, where the stem cells will begin to work on the damaged areas. This method provides Lung Institute doctors with a way of working with the lungs without needing to deal with the complications of surgery. The Lung Institute’s stem cell therapy (https://lunginstitute.com/treatment/), offers up a whole new way to look at lung conditions. And it’s also giving many patients the chance to breathe easily for the first time in years.

Lung Institute Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LungInstitute/

Marc Sparks: A Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalists

Strange as it seems, formal education doesn’t guarantee success. For one to be successful; they need to have qualities of successful people. Precision, tenacity, attention to detail and great instincts are the qualities that have given Marc success in the field.

Marc Sparks is one of the renowned serial entrepreneurs. When he finished high school, he was involved in the establishment of different startups. Some of the startups grew into a multi-million business while others were just disastrous. It is evident Mark has not been successful in all his endeavors, but he chose to learn from the mistakes, and that is why he has been successful.

Being a serial entrepreneur, Marc has been able to start multiple businesses in different fields, although he is interested in telecommunication.

Marc takes an idea that has been regarded as risky, and he proceeds to establish a business model before launching the business. Most of the startups that he launches are either sold or handed over to a different management. However, Marc has a portfolio of companies managed by his Company Timber Creek Capital.

He is also a venture capitalist. Marc identifies businesses that wish to expand but does not have the capital to do so.

Marc is also a great boss as he leads by example. He establishes patterns that his employees can follow.

Documentation of his success and failures

Marc published a book ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ This is a book that gives detailed information on how he succeeded and the mistakes he committed. He tells people on how he established his insurance company and lost it after a ninety-day period. Marc has tasted failure in his businesses.

Unlike most of the entrepreneurs, Marc is not afraid to lose it all. This is because his attitude towards money is different from most people. Moreover, even he lost money; he will always find an idea and develop it into a successful business. The problem is not losing money; it is in getting back up after one falls.

To whom much is given, much is required

Marc Spark understands the need for social responsibility and the need to give back to the community. That is the reason why he has partnered with Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter. The shelter provided accommodation to different people for five months. During this period, the residents are enrolled in a program that provides counseling, financial education, and health education.

Marc has also been involved with Habitat for Humanity which focuses on the construction of homes for the needy. Marc has given approximately a thousand computers to children from low-income families to help them overcome pervert. He supports American Can!

Marc enjoys fishing, hiking, hunting, biking, golf, and adventurous travel.

Lime Crime Cosmetics and the phenomenal woman behind it, Doe Deere

In the 80’s, when models, movie stars, celebrities and other notable personalities started using makeup as a vital part of their beauty regime, the rule was to make the makeup as neutral as possible. Any digression from the neutral tones would be met with a lot of resistance and even disdain from the media and other fashion police representatives. This concept of always keeping things natural is what pushed the Russian, Doe Deere to inspire a revolution in the sector.

From the moment that you meet Doe Deere, you will realize that her dressing and character have nothing controlled of boring about them. She seems to be an adamant believer in flamboyance and color is her best friend. Looking at her successful cosmetics line, Lime Crime, it is almost impossible to believe that when he left Russia as a young and dreamy teenager, the dream that he had was to become a very successful musician. While she has become the celebrity that she always envisioned herself becoming, the status did not come how she expected. The first City where she settled down was New York. Three years later, she felt daring enough to leave New York behind and try a new life in Los Angeles.

Know more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/doe-deere

When asked whether she feels like she wasted her time trying to work o a musical career, Doe states that Doe appreciates the time she spent in music because it taught her the basics of marketing herself as a brand and getting feedback from her target market. She adds that trendsetting is a skill that she had developed even before Deere left Russia; she got temporary tattoos and stuck them on her hands, and when her peers looked at them, they admired and copied her style.

She confided that she met her husband when she first moved to Brooklyn and was marketing her music. She expressed gratitude for the manner in which the man had stuck with her throughout the time when she was starting out.

She adds that expressing herself using the type f colorful art that she utilizes is just part of her personality. The Lime Crime line of lipsticks and other products is available in screaming colors, neon shades, and shades that just scream at you. She says that her biggest blessing in the business has been finding out that there are people who share her passion for flare and color is her greatest inspiration to create even larger and better products.

For more details, visit www.doedeere.com.