How Doe Deere Lived Before Becoming A Successful Businesswoman

Doe Deere is known for being the successful woman that she is today because of her brand Lime Crime. Known for its colors and wild themes, the brand is becoming the way for women to express how they are and who they are. Doe Deere is ultimately one of the greatest in her industry, but she will never forget her humble beginnings in Russia and moving to the United States on her own at a very young age.


In an interview online, she talked a lot about her very own upbringing. She wasn’t built off of money, and she definitely didn’t start off wanting to become a makeup guru. Doe grew up and was born in Russia, but she knew she always born for something outside of that country. She flew to New York at 17 and moved there to start a possible career in music. She started out as a musician and built a band with her now husband. She is happy with him and has a wonderful life living with him now in Los Angeles.


She moved to LA very soon after, and she started the Lime Crime brand not focusing on music any longer. Through her makeup endeavors, she found herself creating a successful business through a site called eBay. This site has changed everything for her because it allowed for her to gain so much growth and experience. Doe Deere ended up taking the brand from that one site to another level of growth through the help of her small team. Doe Deere is incredible because of how well she has built her brand from scratch. Doe Deere barely had any money to her name and she went from using eBay to building a complete company now known as Lime Crime.


Lime Crime is now going to change and improve her brand as much as she can through the help of a brand new idea that is going to change the way women do their hair. What’s interesting is the fact that she is slowly changing the industry with her ideas and styles. The hair dye is beautiful and the perfect thing that the brand needed to give it that extra sense of professionalism. It’s just what she needed to succeed and grow in this industry. Lime Crime is just what you need, and the story behind the brand is definitely inspiring and what the company hopes to do.


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WEN Hair Care Products Will Change Your Hair

If you’ve ever seen advertisements for WEN hair care products and wondered if they truly work, then this article is for you. Emily McClure tried WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner for a week and you can read about what happened. If you want to read the original article in Bustle, you can do so here.

On day one of trying the product, Emily was already noticing that her hair was feeling healthier and thicker and she noticed that she didn’t lose as many strands of hair in the shower. Her hair was frizzy and greasy to begin with but after using WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, her hair was shiny and manageable.

Her roots were feeling greasy on day two but after showering, she again has shiny and voluminous hair.

Her roots weren’t as greasy as on day two, and after showering, her hair was shiny and healthy looking. She showered, and used her usual styling products to see how they reacted to her new conditioner and the results were good, although her hair seemed to go a little flatter as the day wore on.

On day four, Emily didn’t have time to shower in the morning and her har was greasy and frizzy.

After showering and curling her hair on day five, her hair felt very soft and she had complete hair confidence.

Her Facebook friends gave her compliments on how shiny her hair looked on day six and on day seven, after her new shower and style routine, her hair was once again looking great.

Overall, the hair care product did seem to do its job, although you need to spend a little more time on your routine.

WEN hair care products are made from natural ingredients. Is sulfate-free, and will not strip you hair of its natural oils. Need Wen? Order the product online via Also see,

Party Planning Tips

Throwing a party doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Whether you do it yourself or hire event planning companies in NYC, there are tips that you can use to wow your guests, and have an event you’ll happily remember.

Lists are your best friend while planning your party. To keep better organized, having lists will help manage your time and make sure that you don’t forget anything. Guest lists that include RSVP info, along with dietary restrictions if needed will help to provide your guests with the best experience possible.

Having a theme will set the tone for your entire party. It can guide your decor, as well as music, and even menu. You may even want to carry the theme to mementos for your guests. You may want to let it influence the design of your invitations to make them more creative and personalized. You can even center activities around your theme for more fun.

Sending actual invitation instead of an email version will add a special touch to your occasion that your guests will remember. It will let them build anticipation leading up to the event. In a world of digital communication, a mailed invitation is a welcome change and marks your party as special.

When providing your guests with drinks, it’s easiest to let them serve themselves. Putting out a tray with a decanter, two or three kinds of liquor and a few festive mixers and allow people to mix their own drinks. Instead of a full sit down meal you may want to keep things simple and fun by serving hors d’oeuvres. You can let event planners in NYC handle all of this for you.

Twenty Three Layers can provide you with personal and corporate event planners in NYC. They can create any theme or design event that you can dream. Creative and unique will be what people will remember. Twenty Three Layers can handle all the details to create an event that your guests will never forget. From weddings to corporate events they can take care of your event planning, design, and production needs.



Madison Street Capital Is A Financial Services Consultant That Knows How To Make Deals

Madison Street Capital is a finalist in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. In this award, companies that scaled the heights of success in the financial industry are honored. The award recognizes a firm’s brilliance in overall revenue generation, their corporate structure and how they manage to raise required resources.


Madison Street Capital is also one of the nominees for the award of the best Boutique Investment Banking Firm 2016 and the International and Industrials Deal of the Year. The International and Industrials Deal of the Year distinguished the effort of Madison Street Capital in the purchase of Acuna and Asociados S.A. by Dowco. The firm’s top management executive, Karl D’Cunha facilitated the transaction.


Dowco is known to be one of the most valuable clients of Madison Street Capital and the fact that Madison was able to facilitate the deal shows how capable Madison is. Its dealmakers work around the clock to connect businesses with growing and emerging markets. These markets provide new opportunities and experiences that are critical shapers of business growth. The CEO and founder of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway is a man with the determination of pushing the company to new highs.


The ability of Madison Street Capital to facilitate the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados was no mean job. Purchases of businesses require careful negotiations and planning because you are not only promoting a change of names, you are also facilitating the movement of complex business parts.


Madison Street Capital reputation in the financial services market is highly-regarded. What makes the company’s business model stand out is that it’s built on the core values of integrity, brilliance, leadership and quality service delivery.


The company has a broad range of financial services ranging from corporate financial consultancy to facilitating acquisitions and mergers. The firm is also a renowned public and private business valuator. Excellence in the delivery of this services has positioned Madison Street Capital steps ahead of its peers in the financial service industry.


With its central offices situated in Chicago, Illinois, the company boasts a presence in other cities spread across the globe. The company has successfully provided financial services to the middle market.


Madison Street Capital is now focusing on emerging markets as the core driver of its future growth. With strategic investments in emerging markets, the company is optimistic in maintaining the spot of one of the most successful financial services company.


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Betsy Devos Has Something To Teach To Everyone

Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos are the philanthropic couples that are always appearing in the spotlights of politics and non-profit initiatives. From promoting a better education system to fight to improve the political picture of the country, the two have done more for the American history than a small article could cover.

This article will focus on the philanthropic career of Betsy DeVos, the woman that wants the American children of the next generations to grow with more options for schools and quality education.

Betsy was recently featured in Trump’s presidency when she was chosen by the man to help his candidacy as the next secretary of education. She was nominated for the spot on February 7, 2017, a long-deserving spot that rewards her constant fight to improve the sector.

Betsy supports many charitable organizations, including the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA. She is the Chairwoman in the American Federation for Children or AFC. Her husband has the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a school that teaches, trains and forms new aviators for the United States. Check this related article from

She is the leader behind the fight for a renewing of the education system because she believes that every father should be able to put their children in a quality school without committing too many resources that they could be investing in something else that is also essential for their kids.

It all began when Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos went to Potter’s House Christian School when they were younger. There, they could notice that the parents of some of the students were giving all that they could to ensure that their children were studying in a school of high quality. However, both of them didn’t think that it was right at all. Wasn’t education a right of every American citizen? Something with that kind of priority couldn’t be left aside.

Years after they left Potter’s House, they found themselves coming back to check on the current situation of the school. They wanted to see changes being made, but the school was not getting any incentive. This reality made the philanthropist decide to take the battle for a better education for her. Now, she is the current secretary of education of the United States. She is also Chairwoman of the Windquest Group and, more importantly, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, where she organizes her charities and redirects them to causes that promote a better United States for everyone.

Among the memberships that are not related to the education of the country but define her interests in a better nation nonetheless, she is a member of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, showing her interest in arts, design and the artistic culture of America.