End Citizens United Quest for Clean and Transparent Campaign Funding

Campaign funding in US elections is always a contentious matter and several politicians, wealthy and powerful individuals want the outcomes to be in their favor. Therefore, these individuals are willing to do anything to make sure the people they prefer attain power. A majority of these people are billionaires who spend large monies to influence the election outcomes.

The majority of the grassroots American citizens do not embrace these practices. Therefore, the donors from these areas teamed up to formulate End Citizens United. This a Political Action Committee formed with an aim of stopping and discouraging use of money to influence election outcomes. Besides, the aim of this committee is to eliminate the effects caused by lack of a Citizens United front as well as changing their campaign finance strategies. The well-wishers and donors from the grassroots finance End Citizens United.

The citizens believe that they have the power and ability to stop the billionaires from influencing voters. They want to prove to aspirants, voters, elected officials and the media that they are ready, willing and able to eliminate these election malpractices. The grass root donors are committed to the formation of a coalition that would champion amendments to the campaign finance law. They are also planning to pressurize legislators to join them in this fight.

There are many activists in the grassroots who are devoted to a transparent funding of elections. To realize this, grassroots donors and supporters finance the initiative. With such support, the political action committee mission is destroying Citizens United as well as stopping availability and use of illegal money in politics.

Some of the strategies in place to realize this dream include electing candidates committed to these reforms, prioritizing the issue of money used in politics as well as capitalizing on the grassroots numbers to show political strength in matters to do with finances in politics. Veteran Democratic operatives have been appointed to ensure the desired changes are realized.

The political action committee wanted to have a great impact in the 2016 US elections. It wanted to bring campaign finance reforms by financing some Democrat candidates during the November 2016 elections. End Citizen United group had raised a significant amount of money from the grassroots donors to support the aspirants.

The supporters of End Citizens United are the people who were unhappy with the ruling made by Supreme Court giving Citizens United power to source campaign money from anywhere. This contributed to use of dark money in political campaigns.

The journey to overturn the Supreme Court decision is not that rosy, but the End Citizens United group is focused and determined. By 2015, the group had collected over 300,000 signatures for the End Citizens United petition.

Lovers And Friends With Whitney Wolfe

When it comes to relationships, people seem to focus too much on dating and romance. They underestimate the power of friendships. As a matter of fact friendships can be every bit as strong as romantic relationships. For one thing, people need some kind of support that they can get when things go wrong. Friendships are a greater likelihood than romance. Therefore, one needs a friend in order to get the support that they can bet when a relationship ends. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe recognizes the importance of friendships. She has recognized it when she has gone through something hard. She has gotten tons of support from her friends.

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Whitney Wolfe has decided to add to her Bumble dating app with Bumble BFF. This app allows people to meet friends that they would get along with. This is for women to meet one another and connect with one another without running into the one that they don’t get along with. In this type of world, it is easy for women to run into the mean girl and deal with all of the issues that come with it. With Whitney Wolfe’s BFF, users can fill out a profile and be directed to matches.

Whitney Wolfe wants people to form lasting friendships and bonds with one another so that they will have a strong social circle as well as find some good dating fun. She wants to make sure that people find friends that will build them up while keeping them accountable. One thing that they don’t need is a friend who is too nice or a toxic friendship. Bumble BFF is one of the greatest invention in the online social media world. It takes social media to a higher level for people that want to improve their social live sand make things better for themselves.

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The Empowerment of Mental Healthcare Technology by Jim Tananbaum

Tracking health record has been the greatest achievement in the healthcare realm since the invention of smartphones. Most people can now track their calories, burn out, heart rate, and even blood pressure without much strain. This has led to a rapid improvement in the health of those who rely on these smartphone apps. People can detect their health status and get medical attention early enough. Nevertheless, not all health conditions have been easy to track. Tracking mental health or neuropsychiatric disorder has been one of the greatest challenges. This is because of the variables and complexities involved in neuropsychiatric disorders; as they are very sensitive and accuracy is a primary aspect that must be maintained to avoid misdiagnosis. Visit Ideamensch for more info.

According to Market Wired, developers and medical practitioners had focused on producing a reliable and accurate smartphone app that would help diagnose and aid in the treatment of mental health disorders without a breakthrough, until recently when Mindstrong Health succeeded to develop its smartphone application to track mental health. Through a financial support of over $14 million from investors such as Foresite Capital; Mindstrong has been able to upgrade the project efficiently. The platform developed by the company to track mental health solely relies on patient’s pattern of typing and scrolling to access and measure the functionality of the brain. The CEO of Foresite Capital and Managing Director Jim Tananbaum has strong belief that the application developed by Mindstrong Health will have a significant impact on the medical community.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is the CEO and founder of the Foresite Capital, a healthcare growth equity firm. He is known as an industry leader due to his diverse experience in the field of healthcare entrepreneurial and investment for over 25 years. His strategic, operational, and financial opportunities have helped him to build strong franchise healthcare businesses. He has a history of successful dealerships of over 20 healthcare companies such as Amerigroup and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. He was also the founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals that was later acquired by Genzyme for $1.6 Billion. Jim Tananbaum is known to be resilient and a focused individual since he was young. Jim holds an M.D. from Harvard Medical Schools and an M.B.A from Harvard Business School as well as a B.S and B.S.E.E. from Yale University.

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Richard Mishaan Accomplishments in Interior Design

Richard Mishaan is one of the most respected architects and interior designers in the world. At the moment, Richard is based in New York City, and he is in charge of the Richard Mishaan Design, a reputable consultation firm that focuses on interior designs and architecture. The businessman has been in the competitive industry for more than twenty-five years, and he has acquired a lot of expertise.


Before founding this company, Richard was serving as the leader of a company known as Homer. Homer was a shop in uptown that specialized in interior designs too. The shop was also found in New York City, although it relocated to Greenwich Village. While working as an interior designer, Richard has accomplished a lot. Several organizations have awarded him because of his numerous accomplishments. His greatest achievement was the redesigning of a presidential suite at the famous St. Regis Hotel.


Richard Mishaan has won the hearts of many clients in the world for several reasons. First of all, the businessman has the ability to blending different types of furnishings and d├ęcor. His designs and styles are from different times, and this makes his work unique. Some of his styles are from the Old Wild China, and he blends them with modern sculptures. Getting a professional who can play around with different sculptures is not a walk in the park. However, Richard has done his best to prove that he is capable of making even the worst houses appear beautiful and classy.


Richard Mishaan is unique and different from the other professionals in the industry. Most of the modern interior designers reach the pinnacle of their career when they design some of the luxurious and expensive structures in the world. This is not the case with Mishaan. Even with a meagre budget, the businessman can showcase his professionalism.



Doe Deere – Lime Crime and Her Morning Routine

Doe Deere lives in Los Angeles California and lives a very busy life as the CEO of Lime Crime. She uses her mornings to relax before her crazy day starts. Everyday she wakes up early, and gets a healthy breakfast to kick off her day. She even stretches to make sure she stays in shape, but her favorite part of every morning is her two Persian cats Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. All of this before finishing up the morning routine with her make up, which can take “anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour” claims Doe Deere. She uses make up from her own company, Lime Crime, and other products such as; Murad’s ‘Hydro Dynamic Quenching Essence’ moisturizer, L’Oreal’s ‘True Match Foundation’, and MAC’s ‘Studio Fix’. Lime Crime has been apart of Doe’s life since back in 2004 when she created her Ebay online store and named it ‘limecrime’; but make up has been apart of her life for as long as she can remember. Even as a little kid she would play with her mothers make up and was always very fascinated with vivid, bright, colors. When she started Lime Crime on Ebay she modeled everything herself, and had a very specific image for what Lime Crime was suppose to represent. She felt that a brand of make up that supported self expression and being unique was something that the girls and woman of the world needed, and so Lime Crime slowly evolved. Her fans grew and eventually the name Unicorns stuck as a representation of her fan base and it’s uniqueness. The online business of selling make up is a new prospect however, one that Doe Deere personally helped spear head. Rewind to when Lime Crime officially started in 2008 when all of the experts were telling Doe that she would never succeed with online make up retail because the customers wanted to sample the make up, but She didn’t see it that way. Doe Deere understood that the bright self expressive manor in which her product was presented was going to change the way in which woman across the world viewed make up. Lime Crime was seen as the light in the dark for many people. The only make up company not concerned with concealing your imperfections, but instead encouraging you to embrace the weirdness, or in other words, be a Unicorn. Everyday as the CEO of her self made company Doe Deere works hard to continue providing vegan and cruelty free products that empower the youth to be the weirdest they want to be. No day is ever dull for the famous Doe Deere.

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