Eric Lefkofsky Shares about Empathy

Eric Lefkofsky is someone who believes in the power of empathy, and he has written about that in a blog post. He shared in his writing how he listened to a song from Christina Aguilera and he grew emotional. The song did not apply to him, specifically, yet it was making him feel something. He shared that it was empathy that he was feeling and that it was good that he was feeling that. He went on to share how different the world would be if everyone felt empathy a little more. This man believes that the world could change if people took the time to understand the pain of those around them.

There are times when a person will see a need and they will figure out a way of addressing that. Eric Lefkofsky is one of those people who is willing to work to find solutions to the needs that are out there. He has shared that he saw a need when it came to the way that cancer patients were being treated. He knew that things could be better. He helped found a company to help out cancer patients and their families. Tempus uses technology and data to better the treatment that cancer patients receive.

Eric Lefkofsky is someone who is a great leader because he is good at prioritizing all that needs to be done. He can figure out which projects need to be completed before all of the rest. He is a good entrepreneur because he is good at delegating and letting others know what kind of work they should be completing. He is someone who has made a name for himself, and he has done that because he has the knowledge and skills that he needs to be a good leader. Eric Lefkofsky is someone who will continue to move forward in doing great things and bringing about good.

Securus Technologies Is Working To Create a Better Future For Inmates

Not everyone in the prison system is in there due to a violent crime. Many of the people in the prison system are there because they made bad decisions and were forced to serve a sentence that fit the crime. If you have ever been to prison, you know first hand about the crimes that take place behind the prison walls. You may have witnessed a crime or was part of a crime while in prison. The hope of Securus Technologies is to help put an end to those who are affected by the high crime rate in prison.


Not everyone who is in prison are there creating havoc while serving a sentence. The havoc is being cut short by those who are working to put a stop to the crimes taking place. Securus is always looking to provide answers to those in need of help for the crimes taking place. They are seeked out each year to find ways to reduce the rates of crimes occurring in the prison.


Crimes that occur in prison are not just at the fault of the inmate. Often there are people who work for the jail that also cause crime within the prison walls. For inmates, it can be in the form of contraband such as phones, drugs, weapons or more. When this happens, the prison becomes a much less safer place.


Inmates and workers are already at an increased level of crime while in the prison system. They should not be forced to also find a new way to keep themselves safe while in prison. Securus is working to create products and services which will put an end to the high level of crimes.


If by teaching the inmates to be better inmates, we are able to provide them with the life lessons they need to be successful upon reentering society, we have created a better place for all to be in. The hope is by doing this, Securus Technologies is doing just that.


Adam Milstein and the Success of Hager Pacific Properties

Coming to the United States of America in order to pursue your dreams in business can be considered one of the foundations by which the USA has built itself into an empire. Adam Milstein, an immigrant from Israel, came to the United States in order to pursue higher education and after doing so he found incredible success with Hager Pacific Properties. As the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, Milstein has watched the company grow by leaps and bounds every single year. Let’s look at how Milstein has approached his work and how his background has helped to sculpt him into the entrepreneur that he is today.

Adam Milstein says that his goal in coming to America was to pursue a higher education. That goal led him to attending USC in Los Angeles, CA. It was there that Milstein would secure his MBA in the field of entrepreneurship. Milstein had an idea that he wanted to take control of his career and that idea was solidified after attending a campus recruiting effort. During this recruiting event he realized that companies were not willing, prepared, or able to pay him a comparable rate to other American citizens. From Milstein’s perspective, he felt like this meant that they didn’t really understand the strength of his background and what that meant for his career. Milstein left the recruiting event disappointed and that guided him to his next decision. Milstein says, “I decided to go out on my own, and start working as a real estate commercial broker.” Milstein chased this career for three years before he became an investor and that led to the birth of Hager Pacific Properties.

As an entrepreneur, Adam Milstein became intimately aware that his life would be structured far different than he had been used to. Milstein says, “You don’t know what your day will look like.” As Milstein continued to developer Hager Pacific Properties, his portfolio began to take shape and with it structure began to fall in place. Milstein credits his willingness to continually push a concept “until they become reality” as one of the major components of his success.