George Soros Continues The Fight For Democracy

For the majority of people across the U.S. and the world as a whole the story of a refugee surviving the Holocaust of World War II and traveling around the world to achieve financial success on before bringing democracy to various parts of the world would be seen as a feel good story. However, for some the story of hedge fund billionaire George Soros is held up as a sign that the hedge fund billionaire is using his immense wealth as the 35th richest person in the world to cause problems for everyday people. These critics are spreading anti-semitic comments created by twisting the impressive life story of Soros to suit their own needs.

The best known attacks on George Soros came in 2010 when then Fox News broadcaster Glenn Beck produced three one hour long specials attempting to portray George Soros as a puppet master for a so-called liberal elite on Politico. Beck used a number of articles about the life of George Soros and picked out specific quotes, taking them out of context in a bid to create a negative image of a man who has achieved a large amount during his life when others would have given up on finding success.

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A glance back at the life of George Soros gives us a strong view of how his life has developed from humble beginnings to allow him to become one of the richest people in the world. George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary into a family of the Jewish faith; the invasion of Hungary by Nazi Germany placed the entire Soros family at risk and forced George’s father to hide the truth about their identity behind an elaborately produced false identity.

Praising George Soros for not turning his back on his personal history should be the order of the day as he has looked to use his wealth and success to assist others trapped in closed societies. Glenn beck listed a number of “soft” revolutions George Soros has played a part in, but failed to explain to his viewers that these were conducted in countries under communist rule that were infringing on the human rights of the citizens of these nations. George Soros has always explained his beliefs in a democratic future for all people in the world, but has never set out to undermine the democratic process in any area of the world; the anti-semitism of the attacks by Glenn Beck on George Soros tell us more about the broadcaster than the subject of his 2010 special programs. The success George Soros has achieved as an investment specialist are a sign of how bringing democracy and education to people from closed societies can produce achievement at levels rarely seen.

Davos Financial Group Simplifies Real Estate, The Power of Mobile Application

According to June 22, 2016, news article in the PRNewswire, Miami, David Osio and his executive team of Davos Real Estate Group launched an innovative app for its customers. The name of the app is Davos CAP Calculator and it empowers customers with the ability to easily compute the cumulative return on real estate investments before they invest.

This ingenious application which is available for both Android and iPhone users is designed for better clarity of financial vision of the clients. Through this Application, the customers can also easily calculate their mortgage based on the Bank Projections, funding period and the rate of interest.

The application has been a result of six months of constant dedication by the Executive Team of Davos Real Estate Group headed by Executive Director Gerard Gonzalez and the company called Technolution.

Davos Group is a reputed group of independent companies in the financial industry. The Group has been reigning the Latin-American market since two decades in the field of giving expert financial and investment advice to its clients. The Group was started in Venezuela by Davis J. Osio and since then has continually risen to the zenith of success with multiple independent companies operating in Miami, Panama, New York and Geneva. The Group boasts of an elite group of professionals who are consistently dedicated to offering high-quality services to the clients.

David Osio is the current CEO of Davos Group. He holds a pivotal position in the expansion of Financial Group. Apart from his natural financial business acumen, David has a rich educational background in the fields of law, financial management and financial market. He is a proud almni of the Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela. Before the birth of Davos Group, he started his financial career as a President of Coffee Export Program and as a CEO of OPED Enterprise. He also had a significant stint with the law firm MGO in the field of banking law. His exceptional work ethics promoted him to the post of Vice President in Banco Latino International (BLI) in Miami.

After gaining invaluable experiences in his laudable career, David took the road of building Davos Financial Group in 1993. Under David Osio’s strong leadership, the Group has continually been able to offer superior financial services to its customers.

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