How Doe Deere Lived Before Becoming A Successful Businesswoman

Doe Deere is known for being the successful woman that she is today because of her brand Lime Crime. Known for its colors and wild themes, the brand is becoming the way for women to express how they are and who they are. Doe Deere is ultimately one of the greatest in her industry, but she will never forget her humble beginnings in Russia and moving to the United States on her own at a very young age.


In an interview online, she talked a lot about her very own upbringing. She wasn’t built off of money, and she definitely didn’t start off wanting to become a makeup guru. Doe grew up and was born in Russia, but she knew she always born for something outside of that country. She flew to New York at 17 and moved there to start a possible career in music. She started out as a musician and built a band with her now husband. She is happy with him and has a wonderful life living with him now in Los Angeles.


She moved to LA very soon after, and she started the Lime Crime brand not focusing on music any longer. Through her makeup endeavors, she found herself creating a successful business through a site called eBay. This site has changed everything for her because it allowed for her to gain so much growth and experience. Doe Deere ended up taking the brand from that one site to another level of growth through the help of her small team. Doe Deere is incredible because of how well she has built her brand from scratch. Doe Deere barely had any money to her name and she went from using eBay to building a complete company now known as Lime Crime.


Lime Crime is now going to change and improve her brand as much as she can through the help of a brand new idea that is going to change the way women do their hair. What’s interesting is the fact that she is slowly changing the industry with her ideas and styles. The hair dye is beautiful and the perfect thing that the brand needed to give it that extra sense of professionalism. It’s just what she needed to succeed and grow in this industry. Lime Crime is just what you need, and the story behind the brand is definitely inspiring and what the company hopes to do.


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