Pair of Shootings Harvest Anxiousness in Quincy Residents

Since November 2012, gun related violence has residents of the New Brunswick Apartments in New Jersey growing anxious. A local pizza delivery driver was the first victim, robbed at gunpoint on November 30, 2012.



Then, in October 2015 there was a report of gunfire on the 5th, then another shooting in which one person was wounded and taken to the hospital two days later. While residents rightfully were experiencing stressed emotions over these incidents, law enforcement officials are helping to harvest a little relief as they successfully investigate these crimes working towards a solution.



The Robbery


The first incident in late November 2012 involved a possible hoax to lure the pizza driver into the apartment complex at Building N. As the driver arrived to deliver a pizza, he was told that no one ordered anything. Moments later he was accosted by three male suspects, one jamming a handgun upside his head.



In conjunction with the Middlesex County Prosecutor, Detective Dan Sherman arrested Parysh Wood, a 21-year old man, also known “P Gun”. Investigators used technology to apprehend Woods, implicated using cell phone site records.



A female suspect is also being investigated as the possible caller of the phony pizza orders, which lure drivers to the Quincy Circle area where they are then ambushed. As of January 2017, Wood is still incarcerated pending a $100,000 bond.



Pair of Reported Shootings


Law enforcement had no reported suspects to this incident and also investigated a similar situation a few blocks away on Commercial Avenue. Then, two nights later at the same New Brunswick apartment complex one person was injured and another taken into custody as the result of gunfire.



These incidents paint an ominous picture for residents living in the Quincy Circle area, but in some respects the progress made by law enforcement officials harvests a little ray of hope to counter the anxiousness.



Investigative techniques using modern technology helped police arrest one of these suspects, and analytical tools were used to produce sufficient evidence to arrest a suspect in the October 2015 shooting. With such a vast number of people carrying weapons in this embattled community, residents still need to be vigilant when communicating possible crimes to police.


Security Situation at The Quincy Apartments in New Brunswick, NJ

The Quincy probably ranks among the best garden apartments in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The 206-unit apartment complex is established near Amtrak, NJ, and across the street from the Rutgers University Police Department’s head office. The apartment is owned by a limited liability company located in North Quincy, Massachusetts.

Quincy apartment offers modern community features that are quite synonymous with the current generation. The intrigue features include the rooftop pool, pet-friendly structures, a fitness center as well as a club room. There is also an onsite parking space. With stone countertops embracing the exterior design and wood floors capping the interior floors, the apartments offer among the best finishes in the real estate industry.


Though the Quincy apartment is situated near the Rutgers University Police Department’s Headquarter, and as such security has always been seen as a guarantee, there are recent spells of robbery and gun shootings that have threatened the security in the prestigious apartment.


The May 7, 2013 pizza robbery is among the most security threatening scenarios in the apartment.  He was informed that no pizza had been ordered, and thus he headed straight to his vehicle where there were three armed men waiting. On reaching his vehicle, one of the men withdrew his handgun and demanded money. The men took the driver’s wallet, money and the pizza before shooting him and driving away in a dark mini-van.


Another ugly shooting scenario was reported in October 7, 2015 when about four gunshots were sporadically heard around the first building in the area of 33 Commercial Avenue in the apartment at around 9.30 pm. Shortly afterwards, an individual checked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a gunshot wound.


With these insecurity cases, Quincy apartments still provides a palatable housing division and recreational centers to its residents.