Brian Bonar Has A Highly Impressive Resume And Other Business Ventures To Point To

Brian Bonar has been a leader in the IT and business world since 1969 and over that time he’s taken new technology developments and used them to forge new business ideas to cut costs and focus on efficiency. He’s most known for cofounding and leading the Dalrada Financial Corporation as Chairman and previously CEO, and he also works with Ira Frohman on the Dalrada Board of Directors.

The Dalrada Financial Corporation is a company that manages employee benefits and human resource services through various professional employer organizations and also has sold office equipment and software throughout the years. Bonar not only has been instrumental in that company, he’s also the owner of several restaurants across the Greater San Diego area.

Brian Bonar comes from Scotland where he first entered the business world working for IBM UK Ltd. He has degrees from James Watt Technical College, Strathclyde University and Staffordshire University in mechanical engineering and business administration.

At IBM UK he served as a procurement manager who was in charge of shipping motherboards and other high quality components to business clients across the globe.

He later became director of marketing while there. He became involved in software engineering while working for QMS, and then helped develop printing and copying technology for Adaptec and Rastek Corporations, and then founded his own company Bezier Systems.

In 1994 he helped start ITEC Imaging Technologies which later became known as the Dalrada Financial Corporation in 2004. Bonar took this company from being simply a printer and copier manufacturer and distributor to being a full service office equipment and professional employer organization (PEO) company.

They developed proprietary software, brought in a network management system and formed partnerships with SourceOne and The Solvis Group to bring their PEO services to small and mid-sized businesses. They’ve also recently acquired Smart-Tek Solutions which was changed to Trucept Inc.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar began his interest in the restaurant business just a few years ago when he had a vision to turn several small restaurants into major cuisines that would attract visitors. His two most notable acquisitions are Bellamy’s and Bandy Canyon Ranch which have become favorites of many locals and visitors to San Diego.

PR News Wire said that one of the reasons these restaurants have become what they have has been the work of Patrick Ponsaty, an acclaimed Master Chef of France who Brian Bonar hired to manage the restaurants and deliver his specialties in the way only he knows how.

Bonar has certainly been proud of the work he’s done in both IT and the restaurant business, but he’s also proud to give back to his community and serve on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego. He’s also a father who enjoys spending time with his family.