Sentient AI – Personalized Merchandising

The cyborgs are winning and it is showing. Many people fear the prospect of technological advancement. They think that when artificial intelligence becomes a reality that robots will take over and the terminator will be born. Pessimistic people have even posed the idea that artificial intelligence will replace humans in the workplace and leave millions of humans stranded without a way to make a living. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Actually, artificial intelligence is a great way to assist humans with everyday activities and make life easier. Marketing is one specific case where the usage of artificial intelligence has already been embraced.

The use of Sentient AI in marketing and personalized merchandising is on the rise. The company has been developing the technology for years and it is finally out of its beta stage. They saw the need for marketing software and built it; marketers and advertisers were stretched thin and overworked. The massive online arena is just too large for any human to digest. The biggest part of marketing – generating ideas, being creative, brainstorming, analyzing data – can be sent into an algorithm. While the marketers come up with the magic ideas that make customers tick, the algorithm is hard at work implementing and testing each idea. When customer responds well to a given idea it gets noticed from the statistical spike in data. Personalized merchandising can be achieved by tracking metrics at the user level and providing each individual user with a personalized experience. This can have massive impact when you’re looking to improve your conversion rate.


The advances in Sentient AI have empowered managers with more time to delegate tasks to marketing teams and developers. The tasks which really matter are the ones that will get done first. The processing power to analyze potentially hundreds of inputs with thousands of configurations is an indispensable asset to ecommerce businesses. Traditional methods carry a maximum of two (maybe three) inputs for testing at a time. Sentient AI can analyze these configurations in real-time and finish the testing in a matter of a month or two. That is the power of Sentient AI.

Marketing teams have already begun to embrace Sentient AI for personal merchandising. The effects on conversion rate are consistently impressive and the leaders in the market are implementing tracking to optimize their sites. Remove the clutter from the daily lives of your team and get Sentient AI.