Dr. Shafik Sachedina Takes On Sussex Healthcare And The Ismaili Studies Institute

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a member of the board at Sussex Health Care, a private firm that own care homes for the old aged individuals suffering from dementia and neurological disorders.

Other than the role of a board member, Shafik is also the owner and founder of the Sussex establishment and plays the role of joint chairperson at the center with decades of experience in the healthcare business. Sussex has grown to become United States’ leading nursing facilities with professional workers and remarkable service provision. In addition, Mr. Sachedina has an active involvement role at the France Aga Khan and a dental surgeon at the Jamati Institution.

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The 68 –year-old born in Dar-salaam Tanzania is an activity coordinator for the Ismaili Community Institution. His involvement with the Ismaili Community and Aga Khan created the so needed link between the Ismaili Institution and the Aga Khan Development network programs. Despite undergoing his studies in medical surgery and dentistry in London, he has the better part of his medical practicing years in England. Over time he has become a known mogul in the health sector and takes on several voluntary leadership positions of a number of community institutions and projects like the presidency of the Ismaili Council.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies is a United Kingdom-based research facility that specializes in the promotion of studies about the Islamic culture with the purpose of promoting contemporary and cage knowledge that will help people relate better with their society and religion. The institute was founded twenty-nine years ago by the Aga Khan and is affiliated with the Aga Khan University and Muslim Civilization Studies Institute. It offers a library of informative material on the Muslim culture and does a lot of publications to do with Muslims and the Islamic faith and culture and education programs for Ismaili students.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina as one of its board members works to link the institute with its founder and his other projects. He works to represent the Aga Khan Foundation in the Institute. Sachedina has been able to balance his work at Sussex and the Ismaili Institute quite remarkably and has become among the most respected individuals both in the healthcare sector and among the Ismaili society.

Todd Lubar Cutting Edge Real Estate Investor

The future of housing is upon us today, and the internet is the catalyst. Look around you and make a mental note, because things are about to go high tech. Think back to the days when public phones where omnipresent. Not anymore, you can hardly find a pay phone today. Not even at the airport or a busy train station. They just gradually faded into history. So to shall it be with the home where you grew up. The internet is ushering in the age of the smart home.

The internet of things (IT) is about to connect every facet of controlling the inner workings of everyone’s home to a PC or mobile device. Shortly, if it has not already happened, your heating, air conditioning, and home security will be controlled from your computer. Smart real estate investors like Todd Lubar, the president of TDL Global Ventures, have already begun making IT upgrades selling points to their new projects. Many millennials are early adapters to the smart home trend. Features like smart-locks, smart-lights, and virtual assistants are all the rage these days. If you are ignoring the writing on the wall, you are falling behind the times.

Falling behind is not something which Todd Lubar is likely to suffer. His approach to the real estate business is to always be on the cutting edge when developing properties. He stays in tune with the current expectations of home buyers in the Washinton, D.C., and Baltimore areas, which is the current focus of his business. Mr. Lubar intends to always bring a state-of-the-art approach to the market while maintaining established real estate practices. Check out angel.co to see more.

Mr. Lubar, a graduate of Syracuse University, has been in the real estate business for twenty years, and he saw this trend coming right from the beginning. Being an entrepreneur in the real estate business, Todd Lubar attributes his success to hard work, a trustworthy team of professionals, and paying attention. Today many real estate developers are designing homes with smart home technology as a standard feature. Todd Lubar has positioned his company for continued growth as the internet of things continues to manifest itself as the next big thing. You can follow their Twitter account for more.

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Norman Pattiz – article recap

The podcast industry is the future and if you are a serious company you want to invest some advertising money in this industry. Being media on demand, it is projected to be the future of the media industry. However, in order to make af=dvertisers believe, the podcast industry has to show figures. And, I am talking about impressions. Every serious podcast need to find means to drive impressions. It is the only way that advertisers will take it seriously.

For Norman Pattiz, owner of the leading advertiser-based podcast, increasing impressions means that he has to increase the number of shows that his podcast hosts, on a regular basis. Also, he has to get influential people to host the shows and who are relevant to the various shows that they will be hosting.

About three months ago, he introduced a new show called, All of the Above with Norman Lear. The shows started being aired in May, with new episodes being produced every Monday and are available on iTunes, PodcastOne App and the PodcastOne website. Learn more: http://www.hsacouncil.org/norman-pattiz/

All of the Above with Norman Lear will be hosted by Norman Lear alongside the renowned actor Paul Hipp. The two are very good friends with Norman Pattiz, founder and CEO of PodcastOne. They will be hosting people of all walks of life- from celebrities and politicians to the commoners. Depending on who is being hosted the shows will vary in topics, from religion, sports and politics to the everyday life events.

During the press release to announce the introduction of the new show, Norman Pattiz expressed positivity that the show would be a great hit. This is because it was being hosted by one of the best producers, writers and directors for comedies. Also, the fact that he is 95 year old and has been around throughout the revolution of media, makes him an important asset to this show.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a high-roller in the media industry. He is the founder of PodcastOne, the leading podcast in the world. However, his legacy in the media industry began during his days in Westwood One. He was the founder of what was the world’s leading syndicated radio company. His legacy continues through PodcastOne, which started out as Launch Pad. Today, his podcast has over 4 million impressions and over 200 shows that release new episodes every new week. Learn more: http://normanpattiz.com/