Nathaniel Ru Co-founder Sweetgreen Company

Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder of Sweetgreen firm founded in the year 2007. Together with his co-founders Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet graduated with Bachelor in Finance from Georgetown University. Sweetgreen Company is a casual restaurant in America which serves simple seasonal, nutritious food. Surprisingly, just after three months of their graduation Nathaniel together with his co-founders kicked off the construction of the company. Sweetgreen was first located at the Georgetown though the company is currently available in more than 27 locations in 6 states with an arrangement of expansion. Moreover, the Sweetgreen firm currently holds more than 1700 employee making sure that all customers are served appropriately.


However, the Sweetgreen idea also came from their passion and certainty that the public is always in need of healthy, delicious and economical dining preference. Sweetgreen Company employs a mobile application (Technology) which eases food selection for the customers.


Additionally, Sweetgreen firm involves other initiatives such as Philanthropy music events (sweetlife festivals). Sweetlife Festival is a combination of food and music festival which commemorate presence of delicious food along with music in the community. The festive functions endorse the passion and purpose of the Sweetgreen firm sustainability and transparent values to the community. The festival invites people from all walks of life involving local and international chefs and performances in a lineup of talented artists.


In the foodstuff industry, Sweetgreen current emerges to be the future diet leading company due to its transparent meals efforts. To begin with, Sweetgreen stores are feed with sources from farmers who use organic materials and incorporate conventional methods in their plantations. Poultry and beef supplies are usually antibiotic free since the animals are fed with vegetable diets with no byproducts mixed up. Sweetgreen cheese is also produced organically free from RBGH and antibiotic as well. Also, the firm usually prefers meals with simple recipes with additional natural flavors such as honey to add sweetness to the food.


Nathaniel Ru together with his Sweetgreen firm co-founders are on a mission to create the greatest fast food model. Collaboration with Chef Dan Barber create a good image to the customer encouraging them on how to make use of plant parts usually regarded as waste. Moreover, a cookbook author Mark Bittman worked with Sweetgreen in the production of the VB6 meal usually consumed during morning hours responsible for weight loss and health restoration. Finally, Sweetgreen collaboration with other food institutions is a clear evidence of their success.