My Month Using Wen Cleansing Conditioner

It’s almost impossible to avoid the new trend in hair care right now as every health and beauty blog touts the benefits of ditching the shampoo for conditioner washing. If you haven’t heard of it yet eschewing stripping shampoos and using only conditioner to cleanse your hair or “co-washing” as it is more commonly called, has been making its rounds through the beauty sphere and for good reason. Any possibility of extending color life while making my hair healthier is something I’m more than willing to try.

As someone who has regularly put their hair through a gauntlet of colors and bleaching, I have more than a few reasons to need to ensure my hair is always moisturized and healthy. So I decided I would give co-washing a chance for a month, just when I would re-color my hair and see if it made any noticeable changes.

Choosing My Co-wash
After taking a few recommendations from fellow beauty bloggers and a couple friends, I landed on trying Wen Cleansing Conditioner. I had read good things about it before so I figured it was my best option for giving co-washing a proper chance.

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My First Two Weeks

The first two weeks were definitely the most difficult as I adjusted to no longer using shampoo every other day. I know that is way too often to be shampooing color treated hair but since I go to the gym every day it is the longest I can go without feeling like my hair needs a wash. I started by following the same routine as I would normally just replacing the shampoo I always use with Wen instead.

The Month

After finally getting the feel for how to use the product, I felt confident that co-washing would help my hair. After the month was up, my hair was much softer, shinier, and still retaining color better than my normal routine. My take on Wen by Chaz and the co-washing trend is this time believe the hype.

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