Marc Sparks; the serial entrepreneur and philanthropist

A conversation about serial entrepreneurs cannot be carried without Marc Sparks’ name being mentioned. Do you know why? He is one of the best serial entrepreneurs in the world. He has launched many different business ideas and turned them into successful companies worth millions of money.

He has achieved success in his business, but it has not always been like that. Like many entrepreneurs, Marc has launched businesses that have been successful and others have not. He has had his share of failure in his career.

He has explained this very well in his book, ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ His goal while writing the book was to show people his failures with the hope they will learn from them. He believed it is beneficial for a person to get inspired from his mistakes and failures than his successes.

How did a C+ student with no formal training rising to be a renowned entrepreneur? He relates his success to his keen sense of instinct. He knows when a business idea is great and profitable and when it’s not. He also attributes his success to other qualities; faith, tenacity, focus and the urgency to succeed. He also says that treating people fairly and with respect has contributed to his success.

One cannot deny the risk of being a serial entrepreneur; you could lose it all. This is, however, something that Marc is not worried about. In fact, he has stated that he is not afraid of losing it all.

It is this attitude that has propelled him to achieve the success he has now. In his book, he has written about how he built an insurance company from scratch to a multi-billion company and how he lost it in 90 days. This clearly shows fear is not a factor of consideration in his life.

In addition to him being an entrepreneur, Marc is a philanthropist. He has engaged in different projects that are geared to helping people. He is associated with the Samaritan Inn– a homeless shelter based in Texas. He, however, works with the people who want to help themselves.

He has also been involved in building projects. He has helped construct a dozen houses for the destitute. He has formed a foundation, the Sparks kids’ Foundation which helps kids. He has given out computers to different children so that he can help them get away from poverty.

He has different hobbies that he engages in to help him reduce stress. They include; fishing, golf, hiking, biking, working out and also traveling.