End Citizens United Quest for Clean and Transparent Campaign Funding

Campaign funding in US elections is always a contentious matter and several politicians, wealthy and powerful individuals want the outcomes to be in their favor. Therefore, these individuals are willing to do anything to make sure the people they prefer attain power. A majority of these people are billionaires who spend large monies to influence the election outcomes.

The majority of the grassroots American citizens do not embrace these practices. Therefore, the donors from these areas teamed up to formulate End Citizens United. This a Political Action Committee formed with an aim of stopping and discouraging use of money to influence election outcomes. Besides, the aim of this committee is to eliminate the effects caused by lack of a Citizens United front as well as changing their campaign finance strategies. The well-wishers and donors from the grassroots finance End Citizens United.

The citizens believe that they have the power and ability to stop the billionaires from influencing voters. They want to prove to aspirants, voters, elected officials and the media that they are ready, willing and able to eliminate these election malpractices. The grass root donors are committed to the formation of a coalition that would champion amendments to the campaign finance law. They are also planning to pressurize legislators to join them in this fight.

There are many activists in the grassroots who are devoted to a transparent funding of elections. To realize this, grassroots donors and supporters finance the initiative. With such support, the political action committee mission is destroying Citizens United as well as stopping availability and use of illegal money in politics.

Some of the strategies in place to realize this dream include electing candidates committed to these reforms, prioritizing the issue of money used in politics as well as capitalizing on the grassroots numbers to show political strength in matters to do with finances in politics. Veteran Democratic operatives have been appointed to ensure the desired changes are realized.

The political action committee wanted to have a great impact in the 2016 US elections. It wanted to bring campaign finance reforms by financing some Democrat candidates during the November 2016 elections. End Citizen United group had raised a significant amount of money from the grassroots donors to support the aspirants.

The supporters of End Citizens United are the people who were unhappy with the ruling made by Supreme Court giving Citizens United power to source campaign money from anywhere. This contributed to use of dark money in political campaigns.

The journey to overturn the Supreme Court decision is not that rosy, but the End Citizens United group is focused and determined. By 2015, the group had collected over 300,000 signatures for the End Citizens United petition.

George Soros lead ground-up transformation of criminal justice

George Soros has made a name for himself as one of the most successful investors in history. Over 40 years, he’s managed to return upwards of 25 percent to his investors. This legendary performance has earned him an exalted place in the financial world.

But George Soros is also a determined activist who has always fought for what he believes is right. One of his pet causes has been the stark social inequalities which have persisted throughout most of American history. One area in which Soros has sought to make a real change is the criminal justice system. But Soros has taken a different tack than most other criminal justice reform advocates. He has announced his determination to change things from the ground up.

One of the most powerful positions in the U.S. criminal justice system, which most people severely underappreciate, is that of the district attorney or prosecutor. In the United States, prosecutors often hold de facto power to prevent people from going to jail or to send them there. One of the most salient disparities in the criminal justice system is the rate at which minorities are incarcerated. Since the era of Jim Crow, blacks have been sent to jail at rates far surpassing that of whites, even though in some cases they do not commit more crimes.

One explanation for this inequality in sentencing outcomes is the discretion the prosecutors wield over those defendants who are involved in cases which they handle. Most people are aware that prosecutors hold the discretion to decline to charge defendants with a crime, where the prosecutor deemed the alleged crime to be either not serious enough to warrant charges or the evidence insufficient to win a conviction.

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But many people are unaware of the de facto power prosecutors often hold to decide who goes to jail. Although the power of conviction is supposed to be reserved for judges or juries alone, prosecutors, through the power of the plea bargain, can often intimidate defendant into pleading guilty to crimes that ultimately send them to prison. The plea bargain is a tool designed to alleviate the flood of cases which bog down the US criminal justice system. However, in many cases, prosecutors are tempted to use the plea bargain as a bludgeon to rack up high rates of convictions for politically-motivated reasons. Oftentimes those prosecutors are most likely to be elected who have the highest rates of sending their constituents to jail. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Soros recognizes this reality and has set out to elect prosecutors who are social justice minded and who, thus, are less likely to improperly send minority defendants to prison. Soros views this ground up reformation of the criminal justice system as the most expedient means to effect meaningful and lasting change.

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Financial Growth of a Successful Businessman George Soros

George Soros, born in 1930, lived under a nationalist pro-Nazi Hungarian regime. Soros escaped to London, England where he studied finance, then coming to America where he put his education to work gaining tremendous wealth.

In 1984 George Soros set up the Open Society Foundation for the purpose of enhancing education through copy machines in universities, libraries and civil society groups in his homeland for the reprint of documents and publications that had been banned by the regime could again be read and studied. His foundation contributed with advice in the transition to democracy and free markets on Politico. Meanwhile, George Soros continued to build his wealth in America advancing his popularity in the world of finance and the political arena.

Today, George Soros plays a partisan role in America’s political field, working with the Democratic Party for such causes as “Black Lives Matter”, while pushing his ideas through the Open Society Foundations around the world. Soros stands out in a type of liberalism representing the Democratic influence in America and his fight against anti-Semitism forces him to become outspoken in his cause.

In his homeland, Hungary, Soros set aside $500 million “for investments that specifically address the needs of migrants, refugees, and host communities.” Today, in the United States, George Soros continues his efforts with a donation commitment of $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Snopes and other candidates in the Democratic Party.

It is noted that George Soros has accumulated a fortune somewhere in the area of $24.9 billion through his financial ventures and investments on Forbes. People who surround Soros note that he appears to be more engaged in politics lately than he has been in years, and his belief in Hillary Clinton winning the Office of President of the United States. His engagement in this election supporting Hillary Clinton dominated the media with his political enthusiasm on discoverthenetworks.org. He is strong in his beliefs and adamant in his dedication, although the outcome of the election did not favor a win for Hillary Clinton.

With the stock market meeting challenges, rising to the occasion, Soros spends much of his time monitoring his investments in the world market. Soros owns such companies as Savient Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras, First Solar, Inc., China Mobile Ltd., United Therapeutics Corporation, Energy Solutions and many more. He also owns interests in MasterCard, Inc., NCR Corp., Logitech International S.A. and dozens of other large firms in America.

What’s next on George Soros’ agenda will most likely fall under the umbrella of 2017 financial atmosphere and the fluctuation of the worldwide investment market. He will certainly keep a close watch on the new administration and how this will affect the growth of his investments. There is always some minor turmoil at the beginning of a new administration and hopefully, the market will not experience much diversity.

George Soros announced a partnership with Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga to create a Humanity Venture designed to disburse aid to refugees. This plan is also designed to provide financial tools to assist the refugees in rebuilding their lives internationally.