Securus Spearheads the Use of Technology to Solve Cases and Prevent Crime

Securus is well known for developing technology that helps law enforcers handle or prevent crime. Here is a compilation of comments from satisfied customers. These officers appreciate the fact that Securus does a great job in ensuring inmates, their families and parolees are safe every day. The letters were received from all parts of the United States and were written by incarceration officers whose responsibility is to ensure that the incarceration surroundings were safe.


Rick Smith, the chief executive of Securus technologies, remarked on how the company develops a technology that helps promote prison safety. “This happens every week. This has contributed to receiving many emails on a daily basis concerning what they build,” said Smith. “It is an honor to serve the country in that manner as building safety was a very vital part of the company”.


Some of the selected comments about Securus technologies are as follows. One customer appreciates the help of Securus on the case where the technology helped accumulate evidence against corrupt staff members. This was gathered from phone call information hence a warrant was obtained. The responsible culprit was arrested the next morning for introducing contraband into the prison.


Another comment expressed client satisfaction with the introduction of call monitoring to ensure that inmates don’t deal in contraband when making their daily calls. Threats and suspicious money transfers were also scrutinized thanks to the . In a different case, information on shots being fired as well as a recommendation on selling of drugs was discovered.


Securus vision of helping improve investigations and promote jail security are widely recognized by its clients and quite welcome. According to the client, the investigative tools coupled with their aggressive investigative mindset always yield excellent results.


About Securus


Securus is based in Dallas, Texas and is mandated with serving over 1200000 inmates in 3450 facilities across the US. The company’s commitment lies in serving and providing emergency response, facilitating inmate self-service, providing monitoring tools, public information and biometric analysis among other services needed in prisons.



Marc Sparks’ Timber Creek Capital Moves To New Offices

Marc Sparks moves Timber Creek Capital, LP to new offices. The move is set to help the company optimize collaboration and provide the ideal environment for startup incubation.

Timber Creek has been operating in the former premises for the last 14 years. Marc is a serial entrepreneur. He founded the private equity firm 14 years ago. He uses it to help entrepreneurs convert their startups into revenue generating companies.

Marc knows that starting a business is demanding. One of the fundamental problems that entrepreneurs experience is inadequate funds to develop their businesses. Inadequate funding means that companies cannot be able to move into the revenue-generating phase. The money is usually needed to fund activities such as rent of premises, bills, and pay employees.

Timber Creek is working towards finding solutions to this problem. Timber Creek Capital’s premise has been carefully designed to ensure that the premises can host up to three startups. During the extensive incubation period, the company provides its startups with all the resources that they need.

According to Marc, the environment is very critical in determining the success of a given business. A conducive and collaborative environment contributes more than 25 percent of a company’s success. Although providing the right environment to a business may be challenging and expensive, Sparks advises entrepreneurs to get good premises that will not ruin their business’ finances. He does not believe in cutting corners.

For Marc, starting new companies is the norm of the day. Over the years, the entrepreneur has started dozens of companies. From his experience, he has found out that there are special flows within an office that should be maximized to enhance collaboration and output.

These flows have been outlined in his book, They Can’t Eat You. The book also looks into some of his successes and failures. Such experience has seen him found and guide Timber Creek Capital, LP into success. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as explained in this link

Presently, Marc is using his experience, through Timber Creek, to provide guidance and mentorship to startups. He also provides companies with access to critical services such as banking, capital, marketing, and office space.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, author, and a philanthropist. He is the chief executive officer and founder of Timber Creek. In addition, Marc has helped found and fund many startups. This success has helped in broadening his investment portfolio. As a philanthropist, the businessman has been involved in various charitable undertakings through his foundation, Sparkey’s Kids.

Marc has helped to construct affordable housing to needy families. Since 80’s, Marc has put efforts to ensure that The Samaritan Inn operates smoothly.