The Importance Of Health In Food

The American diet consists of a lot of fattening foods. Not only do the foods have a lot of fat, but they are also lacking in certain nutrients. As a result, people are not only putting on a lot of pounds, but they are also finding themselves vulnerable to illness. For one thing, the body needs some nutrients in order to strengthen the immune system. Also, certain nutrients will help regulate blood sugar so that one could avoid getting diabetes. One thing that people are faced with is the idea that there is barely any affordable choice when it comes to food.


Fortunately, there is an affordable alternative. This alternative is Sweetgreen. Not only does Sweetgreen offer healthier alternatives such as salads and other dishes, the company also makes sure that the food that they offer is organic. In other words, there is no processing or other types of activities done in order to make it last longer. The food is completely organic and is therefore good for the individual.


Sweetgreen has been the idea of Nathaniel Ru and some others. For one thing, Nathaniel and his friends have noticed an issue in the fast food industry. One thing that he has noticed is that people have a hard time finding healthier alternatives. For one thing, Nathaniel has seen the frustration that comes with having to pay a larger amount of money for food that is healthier and possibly better tasting than what is offered at many fast food joints. He also knows that not everyone has the luxury to cook food at home. Therefore, he has taken the time to put together something that will not only improve the health of the community, but also connect with people in other ways.


Among the enhancements that they have brought to Sweetgreen was live music. People not get to listen to their favorite stars while they enjoy some of the food that they order at the new fast food restaurant.