Incredible Hippeas Puff Up Snacks

Leonardo DiCaprio who is an actor together with a private equity that is based in Chicago is now concentrating on Hippeas brand of chickpea puff snacks. It was during the last year that Leonardo DiCaprio invested in a certain unknown amount together with the strand equity partners in the green park brands inc. The green park brands inc is a brand of the same company that is located in Santa Monica.

Livio Bisterzo who is the Chief Executive Officer of the brand and the founder of the Green Park refused to disclose the real amount they used. All that they said was that they had raised $ 2.5 million from projects including the most recent rounds. Other balances came from Angel investors. Also, Livio Bisterzo said that Hippeas has sold through retailers since March of last year and has managed to raise $ 2.5 million above the 2016 balance.

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Livio Bisterzo is aged thirty-six and has projected that the total profit likely to be generated by the company this year will total to around eleven million dollars. Livio Bisterzo credits the Green Park’s ability to bring the products into the store to his experience and connections. He says that the launching of the other two lines including Kyoku and Little Miracle also contributed to getting the product into the store. Livio Bisterzo says that it is not his first time in bringing up a brand into the market. Therefore Livio Bisterzo is aware that product innovation brings great impact to the business. Livio Bisterzo is proud of the snacks that would hit the trends in the current market. He knew that it would be the right product and the right brand.

Some of the stores of the Hippeas brand in the United States include Von and Starbucks, Albertson and will later be in the Kroger Co. this year. Hippeas also has offices in the United Kingdom and sells its product around the country. Hippeas bag of one-once is sold at $1.95 at the Starbucks which is a premium different from the other brands. The margin of the profit from the salty snacks ranges from 20-30 percent. This is by the research carried out by the Rogue Thought Consultant and put forward from Norman Deschamps. The sale of the snacks together with their counterpart’s ingredients like potatoes, Kales, and spinach grew by around 7 percent. The snacks category is now very competitive and many giants in snacks are coming into play.

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