Lovers And Friends With Whitney Wolfe

When it comes to relationships, people seem to focus too much on dating and romance. They underestimate the power of friendships. As a matter of fact friendships can be every bit as strong as romantic relationships. For one thing, people need some kind of support that they can get when things go wrong. Friendships are a greater likelihood than romance. Therefore, one needs a friend in order to get the support that they can bet when a relationship ends. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe recognizes the importance of friendships. She has recognized it when she has gone through something hard. She has gotten tons of support from her friends.


Whitney Wolfe has decided to add to her Bumble dating app with Bumble BFF. This app allows people to meet friends that they would get along with. This is for women to meet one another and connect with one another without running into the one that they don’t get along with. In this type of world, it is easy for women to run into the mean girl and deal with all of the issues that come with it. With Whitney Wolfe’s BFF, users can fill out a profile and be directed to matches.

Whitney Wolfe wants people to form lasting friendships and bonds with one another so that they will have a strong social circle as well as find some good dating fun. She wants to make sure that people find friends that will build them up while keeping them accountable. One thing that they don’t need is a friend who is too nice or a toxic friendship. Bumble BFF is one of the greatest invention in the online social media world. It takes social media to a higher level for people that want to improve their social live sand make things better for themselves.

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