Meet Nathaniel Ru; Co-Founder of Sweetgreen

Eating healthy, tasty and affordable food in a restaurant sounds great. Therefore, Nathaniel Ru and his two friends from School of Business, Georgetown University had plans to start a casual restaurant.

After graduating with a Finance degree in 2007, Nathaniel and his friends started Sweetgreen with the aim of serving healthy food to customers in Georgetown. Sweetgreen has now grown its operation, and it has more than 72 stores in California, New York, Maryland, Illinois, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

Sweetgreen has grown significantly over time as a result of quality services they offer to their customers. Nathaniel has contributed much of his time and energy to see the chain of restaurant grow. Ru explained how hard it was to start the business at Georgetown, but they made it as they had a perfect plan that convinced the landlord of the tavern.

After getting the space, Ru and his friend knew very well that customers don’t buy what you do, but purchase the way that you do it. With this in mind, Ru had to ensure that their products are healthy from the farm to how it is prepared.

Nathaniel and his friends ensured that Sweetgreen offered more than salads. This ensured that their menu had a variety of healthy, tasty and affordable food. With the help of Nathaniel, Sweetgreen can source products from organic farmers who use integrated pest management methods for pest control.

This ensures that products delivered at Sweetgreen’s stores are chemical free and of high quality. Poultry products, organic cheese, and many other products offered at the stores are of natural flavor.

When it comes to employees of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel and his partners ensure that they hire great people with experience so that they can help the business grow and expand. Excellent customer service is very critical to keep clients in the food industry.

Therefore, on top of offering healthy foods, Nathaniel emphasizes on excellent customer service. Proper planning is essential to ensure products are received every morning from suppliers and everything ordered by most customers is available at all times.

On top of tasty food services, Nathaniel and his partners launched Sweetlife which is a music and food festival. This festival appreciates music, community, and food and helps to bring together many partners who are committed to Sweetgreen sustainability vision. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues and  Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

Nathaniel and his associates have core values and sustainable approaches that help their business in making more profits and consolidating their base in the United States. With leadership, hard work and determination of Nathaniel Ru and his partners, Sweetgreen has grown, and it will continue to expand.