Rocketship Education Unleashes Student Potential

The school year can sometimes seem long and drawn out for some students. After the December break comes the dawn of a brand new year. Students are filled with new energies, and are motivated to get back to their studies. For those students who might have fallen behind during the first few months of school, the new year comes with a more mature attitude, and the willingness to try harder to achieve project goals and objectives. They are anxious to put forth increased efforts, and to prove to themselves that they have the capability of having a mind set that is conducive to learning.

This new lease on learning is brought about by the teachers, and the environment of the Rocketship Public Charter Schools. Rockership Education students work harder to improve their attendance, and complete projects. The teachers and staff also work hard to ensure that each student has a stable, solid and successful learning experience throughout the academic school year. These advantages, and more, help the Rocketship Education student be more focused on assignments so as to avoid procrastination, and the probability of failure. These students also learn time management, and how to use it to manage assignments by adjusting and dividing the assignments and tasks into smaller, more manageable ones.

Rocketship Education is a public charter school that was founded in 2007. It teaches students from grades kindergarten through twelve. It is headquartered in San Jose, California. The system strongly believes in the never ending possibilities of human potential. The system of public schools is a non profit organization. They use the rocket ship as their mascot, and each student is a Rocketeer. At Rocketship Education, students get a holistic approach to education. This includes their family and home life, as well as taking responsibility for their learning in and outside of the classroom.

Rocketship Education encourages students to be totally engaged in their learning, and these students are the ones who are more motivated, have fewer absences, and get better grades. At Rocketship Education, the potential of every student is unleashed to help maximize their educational career.