Samuel Strauch Lists Top 5 Hottest U.S Suburban Neighborhoods

Many people are skeptical to leave the big city. They cannot imagine living without the urban boutiques, thriving nightlife, and endless dining options. But things are a bit different for many millennials who are now scouting for areas with affordable housing, good schools, and low crime neighborhoods. Fortunately, based on a recent analysis by Samuel Strauch, there are a number of Suburban neighborhoods that offer the best of both worlds, and here are the top 5:

1. Denver, Colorado

Denver is lately getting more attention due to its trendy attractions, including Stanley Marketplace that’s endowed with good food, beer, and yoga studio. Denver is also famous for its cultural attraction and exciting sport scene.

2. Dallas, Texas

Dallas boasts of unmatched hospitality, nightlife, and beautifully designed ranch-style houses. It is great for families looking for neighborhoods that are away from crime and noise associated with big cities. The city has recorded tremendous economic growth in the past few years and plans to open a community college soon.

3. San Francisco, California

You will enjoy highly-rated schools, popular night spots, Bay Area Rapid Transit station access, community college and a plethora of cultural attractions, including the celebrated Dublin Castle. The area also has over 2000 new residential units coming up in the next 7 years.

4. Austin Texas

People are flocking this college town due to its wide range of music options and breathtaking film festivals. It is home to Fair and Stock, Austin Rodeo, and boasts of a number of medium-sized exposition centers with nationally-recognized artists.

5. Tampa, Florida

Tampa is famed for its moderately-priced housing rates and strong job market. You will not only enjoy low crime rate and homes with spacious backyards but your kids will also have an opportunity to attend some of the high-end schools in the United States.

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