A Closer look towards Alex Pall from Chainsmokers

Who is Alex Pall?

He is none other than one of the duos from our favorite “Chainsmokers”. He started DJing as his hobby in the initial days of his career which later turned out to be his passion and an ultimate aim. His manager who he used to work with back then and till today introduced him to Drew (Andrew Taggart).

How Chainsmokers happened to Alex Pall?

After their very first meet the smoke of passion towards music between them brewed so well that one after another everything started falling into place. Drew moved from Maine to NYC and Alex quit his job. After this, they started to work for most hours of the day together.

When asked in an interview Pall said “Drew is obviously an incredibly talented producer and I had a lot of gigs and that kind of marketing social thing.” The similar interests they share towards music and the passion towards their work has helped them come this far.

A little deeper dig ….

Chainsmokers, being the duo consisting of a DJ and a Producer, they want to push all the limits. The new songs that they’ve made (which are yet to hit the market) blur the lines between indie, pop music, dance music and hip hop, says Drew. With #Selfie , which got them pretty well around the world, they take their popularity really sincerely. And if you think that the audience that they connect to is confined to certain categories of age of people, then sorry to disappoint y’all but you are very very wrong. They receive immense love and support from people all around the world. They’ve received lovely messages from their fans, some saying that their six year old daughter loves their song and some mentioning their mom walked into the room humming “Roses”. Alex Pall says “We don’t care what you look like or how old you are, how young you are, it’s just that our music makes you feel a certain way”.